Health Benefits of Kanna

Kanna, also is known as Sceletium Tortuosum, is an herb that is harvested in South Africa. This plant has been in usage for a long time because of its many health benefits. Modern scientific research has been conducting on this plant and has shown the many benefits that it has. You can click for more reasons why you should chew Kanna.  

Kanna helps in mood elevation and enhancement of the cognation functions of a person. When you chew this herb, it is going to cause a calming effect that is going to reduce the level of stress that you may be having. Once you take Kanna, it is going to bind with the serotonin transports, and this will in turn the level of the serotonin concentrations. This sedative effect is going to make you cool down.  Discover more about these products by clicking here:

Another interesting benefit of taking Kanna is because it is going to reduce your appetite and thirstiness. Traditionally, the people in South Africa used to chew Kanna when they were on long hunting trips to attenuate their hunger. If you are suffering from depression and as a result, you are eating too much food, then Kanna will help you reduce the amount of the food that you take. It is vital to note that when you take this drug, it does not affect the antidepressant drug that you may be taking.

According to evidence, Kanna has been useful in pain reduction.  It an effective pain killer but not as powerful as the opioid, such as the morphine. Traditionally, if you had a part of the body that was aching, then you would rub the plant there. People also chewed the plant for its painkilling benefits. The plant works y activating the opioid receptors in the brain.

If you have Alzheimer's  disease, then Kanna will is of great benefit. This disease has effects of a reduction in the cognition ability of a person. However, when you take Kanna, it is going to reduce the effects that this disease has. It is going to work through blocking of the PDE4 in the brain. 

Today, many dealers can sell you, Kanna. However, it is paramount that you scrutinize where you are buying the herb. You should read the online reviews of the dealer to determine the quality of Kanna that they sell. Online reviews will also let you know whether the dealer has a good reputation in the delivery of the herb.  Here is an alternative post that provides you with more info on the topic: